Welcome to Korrektiv Press!

Korrektiv Press is a fledgling enterprise that rose from the primordial soup of a blog inspired by the spirit of Kierkegaard and Walker Percy. (The press takes its name from Kierkegaard’s effort to provide a “korrektiv” to Hegel’s philosophy of world-historical forces, asserting against those forces the significance and worth of the individual.) Korrektiv, the blog, appeared in 2004 and has featured the writing of a variety of real and pseudonymous authors: some poets, some fictionists, some essayists—but nearly all of them self-identified as bad Catholics afflicted with the desire to write good stuff.

House of Words, a collection of poems by Jonathan Potter, was released by Korrektiv Press on September 30, 2010. Two more titles are scheduled for release in 2012, and many more after that. Currently we are working with a core group of writers known fondly as The Kollektiv, but in the near future we hope to begin accepting submissions from far and wide. We will be looking for kick-ass writers informed by Catholic tradition and organically engaged in the messy human stuff that makes for fine literature. Of the making of many books there is no end!

Forthcoming Korrektiv Press titles:

Bird’s Nest in Your Hair, a novel by Brian Jobe (coming in Summer 2011 soon)

Departure at Hebrus, a collection of poetry by Joseph O’Brien (coming in Fall 2011 pretty soon)